Diwali Celebrations 2020 at Red Road

Diwali Celebrations 2020 at Red Road

In a year of social distancing and mellow festivities, the Red Road team got together to celebrate the festival of
 lights, energising and uplifting us. At the celebration, the top performers were given awards to recognise their wonderful work. 
And everybody rejoiced with their Diwali gifts!
In the end, we revealed the much-awaited show stopper – the launch of the all-new Red Road brand. 

Home Health and Hospice in 2021

Home Health and Hospice in 2021

As we take on 2021 and the third wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, this is a time that will drive change, test capabilities, and possibly, transform the home care and hospice industry. Professionals must come together to navigate the future. It’s time to identify challenges, innovate, and exceed expectations.

There is a greater role to play for home-based care and health workers, and alongside them for the clinical back-end support agencies – in dealing with the pandemic in a robust way. Now more than ever, home-based care is the innovative forefront of providing care as a way to keep those most vulnerable to the virus at home, while receiving the care that they need under the compassionate, qualified, and watchful eye of a home care professionals.

The need for home-based care is at an all-time high, and it will only grow. Here are a few major trends that we will see in home health and hospice in 2021.

More people opting for care at home

Consumers who have not previously considered hospice and home health care services are making the shift to home-based support, as it reduces burden on caregivers, provides immediate access to their care team, and helps them maintain independence while healing in the comfort of their home.

Higher quality, reduced costs

The value of care delivered at home will be on full display in 2021 and beyond. As the shifting of health care services into the home setting continues to rise, it will facilitate and accelerate the ongoing effort to reduce health care costs while still delivering quality outcomes.

Efficient and effective care

Physicians are starting to introduce the delivery of hospital-level, skilled nursing care right at home. Given the increased risks of receiving care in the hospital or facility setting , more patients are being referred into home-based models. Home visits, virtual care, and remote-monitoring technology are significant factors in delivering safe and effective care.

Investment in human capital

In order to succeed, the most significant investment to be made lies in people –including recruitment, talent management, clinical education, and professional development. There is a ever-increasing need to help clinicians and staff prepare for and cope with the challenges that will arise while they are engaged in providing care for their patients.

A new generation of medical and nursing professionals

People recognized the role of healthcare professionals as we watched them in action during the pandemic. This is going to result in increased enrollment in doctoral, therapeutic, and nursing programs everywhere.

Even though we may not see these new recruits on the front lines immediately, they’re sure to bring a fresh perspective to home health care after living through a global pandemic.

Back to basics

As we look to 2021, clear communication and adaptability at every level of care delivery will become the key to success. It’s important to be able to gauge the environment, adjust quickly, and expand capabilities. The ability to address a multitude of patients’ needs will be of prime significance.


Booming growth in the technology sector focused on tools like wearables and Internet of Things will permanently transform the delivery of care to patients. These developments will allow real-time patient and provider access and the ability to provide care solutions that respond to patients’ conditions in a way that closely resembles a “hospital at home.”

A bigger force

As the pressure on home health and hospice rises, doctors and agencies need to gear up by partnering with clinical back-end solutions to provide support with high quality clinician documentation, coding and billing, and RCM – thereby giving service providers room to focus on providing compassionate care for clients.

If you’re looking to strengthen your care with expert clinical back-end, we can help you discover the power of more. Give us a ring!


The Benefits of Outsourcing in the COVID and post COVID world

The Benefits of Outsourcing in the COVID and post COVID world

2020 was one of the most challenging years in memory. This year saw the world grappling with a deadly virus while trying to adapt to the new normal of masks, sanitizers and quarantine, besides the economic and health challenges posed by COVID-19.

The pandemic has undoubtedly caused serious implications to people’s lives and health, while adversely impacting the business environment, industrial sector, small businesses and big corporations alike; and the healthcare sector has been right at the centre of all the action.

Many different measures were implemented to stem the spread of the virus and to keep businesses afloat. While some were temporary, others have long term implications. Outsourcing is one such measure. With the increased demand for health care, especially in the home health and hospice sector, and the corresponding increase in clinical back-end processes, more and more healthcare businesses are now partnering with external support to strengthen and expand their capabilities.

Now, more than ever, the healthcare sector needs to stand up and deliver. We believe that outsourcing will play a huge role in this extraordinary time. Here’s why:

Focus on Core Business
Outsourcing can provide businesses with expert clinical back-end services to improve efficiency and grow profitability. By outsourcing non-core functions, nurses can focus on what’s most important – the recovery journey of patients.

Cost Optimization
Running a business entails heavy costs – operational expenses, employee salaries, costs associated with training and development, employee benefits, and other charges. Outsourcing can offer a reliable and affordable medicare-compliant avenue of support while optimizing operational costs, helping it reduce by at least 20% to 30%.

Latest Technology
Businesses need to be up to speed technologically and be flexible in common times, much more so during a crisis like COVID-19. Digitally mature companies are 26% more profitable than those who are not. By outsourcing tasks, businesses can get access to the technology the outsourcing company is using. With access to their digital resources, businesses can adjust and adapt to the changing needs during the pandemic.

With outsourcing, business capabilities are bolstered with highly experienced professionals who are proficient in providing top-quality support needed in these times. Quality hires are assured as candidates undergo a rigid selection process to provide high standards of services continuously.

Reduced Risk
Outsourcing helps take care of the complexities of compliance so that healthcare providers can stay focused on providing quality services to their clients. By outsourcing the task of comprehensive documents to a team of highly experienced clinicians, providers can ensure a thorough and accurate end-to-end check. It helps mitigate the threat of non-compliance and reduces any potential risks in audits.

Continuity in Business
Due to COVID- 19, organizations have faced unforeseen challenges. Coronavirus has disrupted the smooth functioning of business processes. Outsourcing enables a business to cope, even in the light of challenges and periods of instability. The COVID-19 pandemic may have impacted the budget and resources of management, but outsourcing can help overcome these hurdles and ensure business continuity.

Walk with Giants
Despite a low budget and capital, small businesses can compete both with other small businesses and large corporations. Outsourcing ensures access to the latest tools, technology, and highly trained professionals. It allows them to compete with large corporations by providing the same knowledge, resources, and services to their potential clients.

Data Security
Outsourcing, contrary to popular belief, is very safe. All valuable hospital and patient information and sensitive information are safe and secure when hiring a reputable medical coding company. Keep an eye out for companies that are HIPAA and GDPR compliant, as they are more suited to keeping valuable patient information secure. Look for companies that exhibit transparency while rendering high-quality medical coding services. Lastly, identify companies with client testimonials, as they are also testimony of safety and security.

COVID-19 has proved to be a considerable disruption, but it has also accelerated change, and caused a major shift in paradigm. In the current context, outsourcing can provide extensive support in effectively dealing with the pandemic, helping businesses stay afloat and continue to grow well beyond expectations in the years to come.

Home health coding services, medical billing, and clinical compliance review are significant services of any medical organization. Managing to complete these tasks consistently, successfully, and to a high standard ensures success in the industry.

If you are a healthcare provider exploring outsourcing options, contact us.