Data Insights


Globally, health care providers are grappling with increasing costs, increasing demand for services and better quality, while addressing an acute shortage of manpower. With better adoption of technology, providers are able to tackle some of these issues. However, to have a better handle on these long-standing problems, data insights are critical. This, in turn, will  help to solve these critical issues that health care providers face today.

Data insights

Data Analytics is typically  a long term, high-cost commitment and it is not possible for all providers to establish and manage their own data analytics team, as the investment required is quite significant. Additionally, the complexity of the ever-changing analytics technologies makes it a daunting project to take on board.

This is where Red Road can help you. We will recruit and manage a team of data scientists who will exclusively work on your data in the most secure environment and provide you with the relevant and actionable insights that are ready to implement.

Just some use cases we have worked with our clients on include predictive modeling for service demand which helps in building the readiness within the organization, employee attrition analysis, and clinician notes analysis to predict which ones are likely to fail an audit and hence target specific training for them.